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Writing Process

I have to thank Alexandru Vakulovski for inviting me to join this game.
He wrote about his writing process here:
Three friends of mine, both writers and bloggers, in whose literature I strongly believe, will answer next week: Gelu Diaconu, Florin Dumitrescu and Vasile Gârneţ.

1) What am I working on?

I write in my mind every day, especially when I travel. So, on my „mind” desk there are new
poems, a collection of short stories and some short plays.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

In a literature which loves to cover hundred and hundred of pages, my favourite is the short style. A confirmation of the fact that this kind of literature has its own group of fans is Alice Munro’s last Nobel prize.

3) Why do I write what I do?

It’s the best coat for me to wear it.

4) How does your writing process work?
I don’t need special conditions, only to have enough space to be together with myself.

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Why I love Romania

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Free Moldova!

The political statement in Moldova after the elections from last Sunday must be understood considering the history of this region. The actual territory of Republic of Moldova is a former region of Romania and ca. 80% are Romanians who speak the Romanian language. After the Second World War, the region has been incorporated by the Soviet Union, using the force. In 1991, when USSR became history, Moldova declared the independence, but in fact the country is even today in dependence of Russian energy and gas. Since 2001, the Communist Party (PCRM) has the power and the civil rights are worst and worst understood by the government. The last elections had many disorders and PCRM obtained the score of ca. 50% by fraudulent means. That’s why, the students and other young citizens from Chişinău are now on the streets and claim the repeating of the elections. They want the approaching to Romania, to the European Union for a better life and a real democracy. President Voronin and his party can not assure these desires, because communism and democracy are opposite terms. Republic of Moldova is going to become an island of dictatorship in a democratic Europe. EU and NATO can not afford it to have such a country at their border. United Nations, Council of Europe and OSCE have to denounce this state of things and listen to the democratic voices from Moldova. Also the international non governmental organizations as Amnesty International, Freedom House, International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, have to send their officials to Chişinău for detailed reports. The international community can not and should not remain impassive. God bless Moldova!